Philosophers World Cup: Group Stage – June 21

Welcome to the tenth day of the Philosophers World Cup. Today’s matches include Argentina vs Iran, Germany vs Ghana, and Nigeria vs Bosnia & Herzegovina. Below, you can find match reports and scores.

As always, refer to the introduction for what this feature series is about.




Argentina vs Iran

The winner of this match will qualify for the second stage and will be in excellent position to win Group F. Iran are the favorites, but Argentina are confident that they can cause the upset.

Corpus: English

First Half: Arturo Andrés Roig (ARG) vs Khosrow Bagheri (IRI)

Iran goes modern with educational philosopher Khosrow Bagheri. Argentina does not flinch, with the play of Arturo Andrés Roig leading to two goals. Bagheri is out of his depth despite the match taking place in Iran’s preferred corpus of English, and is at fault for both goals.

Frist Half Goals: Argentina 2


Second Half: Francisco Romero (ARG) vs Mazdak (IRI)

Iran goes from their youngest player in the first half to their oldest in the second. Mazdak is the odd man out on Iran’s roster, acting as the only link to Persia’s Zoroastrian past on a team full of Muslim thinkers. His play in this half will certainly not please his teammates, as his errant pass leads to a goal for Argentina. The route is indeed on as Francisco Romero nets another goal in the seventieth minute.

Second Half Goals: Argentina 2


Final Score:
Argentina  4:0  Iran

Germany vs Ghana

A loss to Germany would not mathematically eliminate Ghana from the Philosophers World Cup (at least not until the United States plays Portugal), but they need at least a draw to stand a realistic chance at advancing.

Corpus: English

First Half: Friedrich Nietzsche (GER) vs Mercy Oduyoye (GHA)

The constant stream of books on Nietzsche published by academic presses would be difficult for any philosopher to overcome in any language, much less a Ghanaian theologian. Thus it is hardly a surprise that the first half is a thoroughly one-sided affair, dominated by the German striker’s relentless will top power which results in two goals.

Frist Half Goals: Germany 2


Second Half: Max Weber (GER) vs Kwame Nkrumah (GHA)

Ghana are able to contain the Germans for the first 15 minutes of the second half thanks to the play of Nkrumah. As the match progresses, the German midfield is able to produce scoring opportunities for social theorist Max Weber, who extends Germany’s lead by scoring two goals.

Second Half Goals: Germany 2


Final Score:
Germany  4:0  Ghana

Nigeria vs Bosnia & Herzegovina

Iran’s 4-0 loss gives both of these teams hope to snatch the second position in Group F on goal differential. Bosnia & Herzegovina would have been heavy favorites in the German corpus, but might struggle relative to the Nigerians in the English corpus.

Corpus: English

First Half: Kenneth Dike (NGR) vs Mustafa Imamovic (BIH)

The first half is typified by a battle of historians, with Kenneth Dike, the founder of the Ibadan School of history, getting the better of Mustafa Imanovic.

Frist Half Goals: Nigeria 2


Second Half: Nana Asma’u (NGR) vs Dominik Mandic (BIH)

Bosnia & Herzegovina again turn to a historian in the second half. Nigeria, like sharks sensing blood in the water, proceed to attack the humbled Bosnian defense with a relentless fury. Princess and proto-feminist Nana Asma’u scores two goals off of corner kicks giving Nigeria a decisive win and filling them with confidence going into their final match against group leader Argentina.

Second Half Goals: Nigeria 2


Final Score:
Nigeria  4:0  Bosnia & Herzegovina


Iran find themselves in a precarious position, down 6 goals by goal differential to Nigeria in Group F after their lackluster performance against Argentina today. Iran can easily qualify with a win or draw against Bosnia & Herzegovina, but if they must fear finishing level with Nigeria. It must be said that Nigeria are in even a more perilous position, as they are far less likely to defeat or draw Argentina than Iran are to defeat or draw Bosnia & Herzegovina. Argentina have booked their tickets to the knockout round, thanks to their insurmountable goal differential lead over third-place Iran, and are a virtual lock to finish first in Group F and thus avoid facing France in the Round of 16. Bosnia & Herzegovina are eliminated, as it is impossible for them to score enough goals to catchup with Nigeria. Germany handily defeated Ghana and in so doing put pressure on the United States to equal their 4-0 performance when the Yanks take on Portugal tomorrow.

Relevant Group Standings
Group F
Argentina 6 pts, +7 GD
Nigeria 3 pts, +3 GD
Iran 3 pts, -3 GD
Bosnia & Herzegovina 0 pts, -7 GD

Group G
Germany 6 pts, +8 GD
United States 3 pts, +4 GD
Portugal 0 pts, -4 GD
Ghana 0 pts, -8 GD

Complete group standings can be viewed here.


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