Philosophers World Cup: Group Stage – June 15

Welcome to the fourth day of the Philosophers World Cup. Today’s matches include Switzerland vs Ecuador, France vs Honduras, and Argentina vs Bosnia & Herzegovina. Below, you can find match reports and scores. As always, refer to the introduction for what this feature series is about.




Swtizerland vs Ecuador

Ecuador desperately needs this match to take place in the Spanish corpus to have any chance of leaving this match with a point. Fortune favors them, as Spanish is the corpus selected.

First Half: Huldrych Zwingli (SUI) vs José María Vargas (ECU)

The Swiss look a little nervous as they start their campaign with one of their less heralded thinkers. Relying on a Reformation leader in the Spanish corpus adds to this unease. Ecuador takes full advantage, as historian José María Vargas happens to share a name with a president of Venezuela, thus boosting his Ngrams percentage. As the first half whistle blows, Switzerland finds itself in a rough spot, down two goals and looking at a best-case scenario of a draw.

First Half Goals: Switzerland 0, Ecuador 2


Second Half: John Calvin (SUI) vs Juan de Velasco (ECU)

Sometimes, the philosophy football gods can be cruel. John Calvin, one of the premiere theologians of the past 500 years, is badly exposed by the stellar play of historian Juan de Velasco. Calvin makes a run toward the end of the match, but fails to score a goal. Then, Ecuador strikes on the counterattack giving Velasco his second goal of the half. Switzerland is in ruins as France begins uncorking their champagne, despite having their own match to play.

Second Half Goals: Switzerland 0, Ecuador 2


Final Score:
Switzerland  0 – 4  Ecuador

France vs Honduras

Unlike rivals Switzerland, France’s match will take place in their preferred Ngrams language corpus. France is looking to match Ecuador’s four goal performance against Switzerland, but knows that it probably won’t matter in the long run.

First Half: Claude Lévi-Strauss (FRA) vs Aníbal Delgado Fiallos (HON)

France sends out Claude Lévi-Strauss, one of the few anthropologists in the tournament, whose structuralist tendencies are a source of derision for many of his younger counterparts.  Despite this, Lévi-Strauss plays marvelously, in large part because his opponent, Aníbal Delgado Fiallos, plays so poorly that not playing at all would have produced the same result.

First Half Goals: France 2, Honduras 0


Second Half: Simone de Beauvoir (FRA) vs Roberto Castillo (HON)

Honduras’ play fails to improve in the second half, allowing the inspired play of Simone de Beauvoir to dazzle the spectators. If France continues playing like this, one wonders if anyone will be able to stop them from taking the tournament.

Second Half Goals:  France 2, Honduras 0


Final Score:
France  4 – 0  Honduras

Argentina vs Bosnia & Herzegovina

Argentina is hoping to use its insular Spanish corpus to win this group, but they are being forced to play today’s match in Bosnia & Herzegovina’s preferred German corpus, giving the underdogs a chance to pull an upset.

First Half: Carlos Ibarguren (ARG) vs Enver Redzic (BIH)

The first half sees a pair of historians facing off against each other. Both perform poorly, but somehow Ibarguren’s play leads to two goals.

First Half Goals: Argentina 2, Bosnia & Herzegovina 0


Second Half: Mario Bunge (ARG) vs Adil Zulfikarpasic (BIH)

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s play improves in the second half, but not enough to prevent Mario Bunge, one of the leading analytic philosophers from Latin America, from netting a goal early in the second half.

Second Half Goals: Argentina 1, Bosnia & Herzegovina 0


Final Score:
Argentina  3 – 0  Bosnia & Herzegovina


Today’s major take away is that Protestant theologians perform poorly in the Spanish corpus. On paper (or in any other language), Switzerland should have defeated Ecuador handily. On the pitch, Ecuador puts up four goals and casts serious doubt on Switzerland’s chances to advance out of the group stage. The Swiss now need a win over France and a Honduran defeat of Ecuador to move on. Ecuador will likely be unable to match their performance today, but they probably will not need to in order to reach the second stage if they can simply defeat an outclassed Honduran side. Switzerland’s loss basically gives the group to France, who are emerging as the favorites to win the tournament.

There was only one Group F match today, but it went as expected with Argentina making an early case for being group favorites. They will be looking forward to a potential upset of Iran if the match is played using the Spanish corpus. Bosnia & Herzegovina will play for pride from here on out, comforted by a potential point scoring opportunity against Nigeria.

Relevant Group Standings
Group E
Ecuador 3 pts, +4 GD
France 3 pts, +4 GD
Switzerland 0 pts, -4 GD
Honduras 0 pts, -4 GD

Group F
Argentina 3 pts, +3 GD
Iran [yet to play]
Nigeria [yet to play]
Bosnia & Herzegovina 0 pts, -3 GD

Complete group standings can be viewed here.


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