Philosophers World Cup: Group H Preview

The final Philosophers World Cup preview features Group H, likely the most open group of the Philosophers World Cup. Read on for rosters and predictions. Refer to the introduction to understand what this is all about. Matches start tomorrow and will be posted each day around 12 noon EST.



My vacation precludes me from spending as much time on Group H as I have for previous groups. Any of the four teams could conceivably take the group, but I am banking on South Korea being the victim of Eurocentrism and finishing last. Russia’s theologian heavy roster could struggle against more universal thinkers, so I have the Russians finishing third. Algeria is the most top heavy side in the group, and therefore I think that it should score enough points to advance. However, Algeria’s Muslim theorists are obscure and many will likely have zero mentions outside of the French corpus. I will probably regret this prediction later, but I have Belgium winning the group due to its team being fairly solid regardless of which of its theorists get selected.

South Korea





Corpus: French
Henry of Ghent (1217) [Theology]
Siger of Brabant (1240)
Godfrey of Fontaines (1250) [Theology]
Justus Lipsius (1547)
Henri Pirenne (1862) [History]
Joseph Marechal (1878) [Theology]
Chaim Perelman (1912)
Edward Schillebeeckx (1914) [Theology]
Paul de Man (1919) [Literary]
Leo Apostel (1925)
Thierry de Duve (1944) [Aesthetics]



Corpus: French
Augustine of Hippo (354) [Theology]
Sidi El Houari (1350) [Theology]
Mohamed Bencheneb (1867) [History]
Malek Bennabi (1905)
Albert Camus (1913)
Mouloud Mammeri (1917)
Louis Althusser (1918)
Mohammed Arkoun (1928)
Jacques Derrida (1930)
Mohamed Harbi (1933) [Political]



Corpus: English
Sergius of Radonezh (1314) [Theology]
Mikhail Shcherbatov (1733) [History]
Alexander Herzen (1812)
Mikhail Bakunin (1814)
Nikolay Chernyshevsky (1828)
Vladimir Solovyov (1853)
Sergei Bulgakov (1871) [Theology]
Nikolai Berdyaev (1874) [Theology]
Pavel Florensky (1882) [Theology]
Georges Florovsky (1893) [Theology]
Mikhail Bakhtin (1895) [Literary]

 South Korea

South Korea

Corpus: English
Wonhyo (617) [Theology]
Uisang (625) [Theology]
Koun (857)
Chongji (1342)
T’oegye (1501)
Mukam (1535)
Yulgok (1536)
Tasan (1762)
Sin Ch’aeho (1880) [History]
Songch’ol (1912)
Jaegwon Kim (1934)


“Corpus” refers to the preferred Ngrams language corpus that is used in matchups, not the official or majority language spoken in that country.

Fields that appear in brackets refer to theorists who are not thought of as philosophers in the stricter sense. This is important per roster rule limits.



One thought on “Philosophers World Cup: Group H Preview”

  1. I like the idea of having philosophers’ teams competing instead of the footballers, and I like the idea of an Algerian qualification even more 🙂

    Well done!

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